Time to Talk!

Where were you ten years ago? Sometimes looking back gives the best picture of where you are going. Looking at life’s obstacles and changes this platform seeks to share perspective and provoke thought. Let’s talk about the reality of chronic pain. Experiencing a neurological disease since age 21, more than half of my life has been spent fighting pain. Reality is, there is no easy answer. I can assure you, the answer is not found in taking prescriptions for the rest of your life. Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly medical conditions warranting medications. However, I would encourage the questions be posed to the physician, what is the longterm plan?

Let me share with you my story….

Going back to 1998, after strange tingling and numbness I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Yes it was a scary conversation, but at the same time it was a great relief to understand what was really going on to explain all the “strange” symptoms. As the years progressed, so did the available prescription “solutions.” Burning sensation, boom there is a prescription for that, can’t sleep… yep a prescription for that… stabbing pain… you guessed it there is a prescription for that also. The cycle continued, the cost for these prescriptions increased and the quality of life spiraled down.

Then in 2017, a decision was made to take control of my life. I found a way of life that is anti-inflammatory. What does this mean? Well that is for another post, but the point is with diet alone I have taken control. I still have MS, but I am off all pain and sleep medications. WHY didn’t the medical community talk to me about these options? Why is the first response to write a prescription?

For today, that is the question, WHY are you where you are and what is your future plan?