Symptom Management

Having had MS for over 22 years I can say managing the symptoms can be a pain in the rear end! MS is not predictable and we never know how we will feel when we wake up. One of the most important lifestyle changes I have made is water intake. 100 oz a day seem to really impact and reduce the pain! I eat a specific anti-inflammatory plan and have lost over 72 lbs! Let me know if you want to learn about it. Regardless DRINK WATER!


Did you ever notice that connecting with your kids can be difficult? They always have their devices and display a sense of annoyance toward their parents. Well let me share this with you, keep it up. They need us, they need to know we are here and we need to listen. By HS your chances to lecture are less and less but your instinct is to lecture more. This is not what our young people want or need. Offer love and try to listen. Connect on their level. In our home these are always in short supply, Amazon has a great sale on charge cords. A small cost and something that the kids love… Think about it, connect on their level. Wishing you all love and Happy Friday!

When to draw the line?

A ridiculous event took place last night. As you may know, I have biological kids that dance. As high school kids, they sacrifice a majority of their fee time to study their art. However, between the training, performing are the moms. This is the third time my kid has been bullied by an adult at the studio. How on earth is that fair? As with many situations, I am left amazed at the behavior of the adults. Choices, how you interact, when you call for a meeting, the format of the meeting it all has unintended consequences. Stop, breath and THINK before you act.