What you did that?

Tonight’s thought is centered on social norms and stereotypes. I bought a dishwasher for my condo. I picked it up myself to save on deliver fees as well as installed it myself. I watched several YouTube videos on how to do the installation, and boom it is in and works. Saved over $200 by taking this risk. I post about my new bad a$$ dishwasher and two folks immediately ask if I really did it myself. If I were male, would they ask such a question? It was easy with YouTube. Will females ever be seen as being able to do anything a guy can do? I want to yell “stop sounding surprised, I am college educated and clearly know how to use YouTube. Doesn’t it look cool?”

When we make comments, what unintended message are we sending? Think about it folks. Words are powerful. What message are we sending our kids?

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